Business Chatbots Platform

Bring friendly interface to your services

Humanized Interface for Applications

This day has come: interact with your aplication as a friend. It will help you with advices and let you follow the business process without mistakes.

Automated Intelligence

We've embed tools to create automated expert systems. You don't need to sink in analytics data lake anymore. Answers are waiting for you.

Guide for your Staff

Prepare work-scripts for your staff to remember anything. They could sell more and offer better services to your customers.

Calculators, Tests, Exams, Quizzes

You can create interactive test, exams, quizzes, etc. As example you can calculate prices automatically and smartly: much more powerful than you did it with spreadsheets.

On-premises or SaaS Integration

Connect to your favorite SaaS or enterprise software to the assistant. You can extend it with any business actions.


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